Watch for the launch of Cohort 9 in January 2023

Applications open 1 November 2022

The Mission of Project Mercury is to instill Innovation Culture, Competency, and Community within the Air and Space Forces in order to outpace any and all peer competitors.

This is accomplished through the pairing of a rich, foundational curriculum with curious team exploration of real problems–using CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT™ –to develop bold solutions. Explore our website to learn more about how our People, Projects, and Process are making a difference.

What We Do

Project Mercury’s innovation mindset project is a collaboration between the Innovatrium and the USAF. Through the intentional recruitment and coaching of diverse teams, Project Mercury helps build the innovation culture, competency, and communities that our nation and strategic partners need in order to maintain free and vibrant societies.

The Innovatrium’s Portfolio Of Military Clients include: 


Our Method

Despite our participants’ rank, location, or organization, we unite teams to explore difficult cross-functional challenges.

Our Projects

Curiosity and tenacity drives our teams as they seek, test, and pitch new solutions. Beyond Project Mercury, the next project awaits and our innovators will be ready.

Examples of Project Mercury projects include:

  • Arctic Fire
  • Pacific Prime
  • Project Arborist


Our People

Project Mercury is on the Cutting Edge of “Innovation Readiness.”

Project Mercury alumni are helping accelerate change throughout the Air and Space Force as well as Guard, Reserve, and allied Air Forces.