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Interested in future cohorts

Project Mercury participants are selected from a range of ranks and responsibilities, and placed in intentionally diverse teams

Guided by experienced PhD coaches and Project Mercury alumni mentors, participants will graduate with the tools they need to build the innovation culture, competency, and community our nation needs.

Project Mercury cohorts consist of Airmen, joint and allied partners from across the globe. We will place you on a team of 5-6 individuals and set the environment for constructive conflict in pursuit of outcomes that could not be achieved individually. Be prepared to leave rank - and pretense - at the door. What matters at Mercury are the strength of your ideas and the team’s ability to think big, together.

Yes, I'm interested! Please contact me when applications are open for the next Cohort of Project Mercury

[USAF, USSF, Other - please specify]
[open to all ranks SSgt - Colonel and civilian equivalents]