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We are seeking Project Mercury* Alumni who love working with curious, engaged teams; who desire to improve their team leadership and coaching skills; and who are eager to strengthen their own innovation tool box.

*[Alumni of other Intellectual Edge Alliance cohorts such as AIM HI, CHILS, and PM-NATO are also welcome to apply]

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Cohort 13 - Coach Application

Project Mercury’s success is built on a model of SODOTO: See One, Do One, Teach One. By forming a diverse, multi-layered coaching team dedicated to both personal development and team success, Project Mercury cohorts model and exemplify a continuous-growth mindset.

As a mentor-coach you will have two responsibilities:

(1) Develop your coaching skills. Each cohort’s coaching team leverages diverse strengths, perspectives, backgrounds, and connections to make the “sum greater than the parts.” The coaching teamwork begins 2 weeks prior to the jumpstart with 2 @ 2hr planning and orientation sessions, followed by a weekly coaching synch every Thursday afternoon, 1330-1500 ET.

(2) Mentor a Mercury Team. 1-2 coaches are matched per team in order to provide a better learning environment for both coaches and new participants. Ideally we will have a more experienced coach paired with a new coach–either way our entire coaching team is here to support each other. Expect to join your team for about an hour each week, plus 10 minutes of basecamp asynchronous messaging per work day.

The commitment Mercury coaches make, in cohort after cohort, is invaluable. Coaches often are tempted to serve using their personal time due to their passion and dedication. This work is vital to the defense of our nation, however, and should be in concert with your daily responsibilities. Therefore, just like first time cohort participants, we encourage coaches to be clear with your unit about this time investment and secure your commander’s support.

Here are two important points for you and your commander to discuss:

(1) The 1 week TDY for the Jumpstart. This is currently unit-funded for all participants, including coaches. (Excluding the head coach). This TDY is mandatory for all first time coaches and cannot be waived.

(2) During the 12 following weeks, a minimum of 5 hours per week is required– these are typically during the duty day for CONUS based coaches. Note: some weeks can reach 10 hours of engagement particularly for new coaches who are meeting with the team, conducting 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and/or growing their own innovation skills. Regardless of experience, all coaches should block out:

(a) Tuesday afternoons [approx 1100-1300 ET] for live team events (clash, coaching, debrief)
(b) Thursday afternoons [approx 1330-1500 ET] for coaches huddle
(c) Flex time for personal academic study and growth

As part of the application process, supervisors will be asked for their support, endorsement, and a plan for how to give you that time in your week. Having unit support is imperative to allow each participant to give their best; your growth and development should likewise be a benefit to your unit as you hone these vital innovation leadership skills.  

After successfully coaching one cohort, you will earn a credential through the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and the College of Engineering in collaboration with Air University: Train-the-Trainer (Project Mercury Coach). Coaches are subsequently given the opportunity to continue their growth through a customized path including additional cohorts, workshops, opportunities to lead and teach, or develop new ideas, leading to recognition as a Senior Coach and Master Coach. These credentials also lead to officer and enlisted SEI for innovation leads.

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