Our Method

Each Cohort of 40 participants completes a hybrid program of academic readings and reflection along with an immersive team project over a 90-day period. Our participants represent a range of ranks, locations, and organizations, uniting in teams to explore difficult cross-functional challenges.

The Mercury program academics are designed to be completed in the evenings and weekends, like a ‘graduate class.’ In addition, teams are required to complete a real innovation project, while continuing to perform their full-time duties. Supervisors attest and support participants with 5+ hours per week carved out to meet during the duty day to complete their innovation activities.


Project Mercury begins with a “Jumpstart,” a week long conference in which participants gain foundational tools, form teams, and explore problems and opportunities.


During the 12-week “Acceleration Phase,” teams meet together virtually to brainstorm, experiment, connect, and deliver results under the mentorship of peer coaches. Our bench of Innovators in Residence enrich and broaden the mindset of our innovators during our biweekly “cross check” events.


Finally, each team is responsible for pitching their proposals to a customized sponsor in their quest for an effective handoff.