Our graduated curriculum offers tools for the beginner and advanced innovation practitioner alike.

Here are a few resources to get your started:

Innovation Genome Brochure

The Innovation Genome is a way of thinking about and strategizing growth within yourself and the Air Force.

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Innovation Code Module 1 Video

Watch Innovation Code – Creative Conflicts.

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Innovation Code Module 6 Video

Watch Innovation Code – Assemble a Diversity of Perspectives.

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Thinkific Platform

Looking to start a course? Check our Thinkific page to learn more about the different courses we offer.

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The Project Mercury Innovator Workshop

The Project Mercury Innovator Workshop (PMiW) is designed to help wings, deltas, and other units accelerate the adoption of innovation culture, competency, and community within and between organizations.

We accomplish this through a partnership between the unit and the Project Mercury ecosystem including professional facilitators, Project Mercury graduates, and innovators-in-training from your organization.

Building Innovation Readiness

Each PMiW is customizable to meet the needs of the units we visit, with the overarching goal of building “innovation readiness” into the fabric of your unit….ready to innovate again and again, leveraging the mindset, tools, and connections developed throughout the Project Mercury experiences. 


We look forward to working with your unit!  Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.