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Project Mercury Supervisor Questions (November 2022)

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Project Mercury

Why do you want to join Project Mercury?

What Relevant Experiences or skills do you bring to a team?

Our theme for this cohort is “Integrated by Design.” You and your team will research, explore, and ultimately choose your own project topic. However, teams will be assigned based on common interests in the following “wicked problem” areas.

Integrated Deterrence - How can we deter adversaries by integrating existing and emerging capabilities?

Strategic Competition - How can we compete on advantageous ground?

Operational Resiliency - How can we rapidly reconstitue critical systems and capabilities after initial conflict?

Contested Logistics - How can we develop integrated, agile logistics concepts for contested environments?

Joint Integrated Operations - How do we maximize integrated joint operations in a complex and uncertain security environment?

Community Resiliency - How can military-community partnerships transform the quality of life at home and abroad?

Wellness - How do we sustain and maximize the human weapon system?

What other topic areas should these teams consider as they consider this #integratedbydesign challenge?


(Please include skills, motivation, role in the unit, or uniqueness of thought, etc.)

Thank you for your support of Project Mercury!

James D. Dryjanski, DAF
Assistant Professor, Air University
Project Mercury Director