Application Endorsement

(September 2023 / Cohort 12) Project Mercury Supervisor Questions

Personal Information

Project Mercury

Why do you want to join Project Mercury?
What Relevant Experiences or skills do you bring to a team?

The theme for this Cohort is: Outpacing the pacing threat

How might we prepare and practice to conduct operations in a communications-denied environment? 

How do we conduct sustainment in a contested logistics environment?

How do we design resilience into space based capabilities?

How do we protect and defend the base against conventional/unconventional attacks when the combat wing is deployed?

How do we integrate AI into command and control decision making?

How might we run more agile experiments within large exercises?

How might we rethink exercises to include robust experimentation and faster feedback loops?

How might we improve info sharing and interoperability in order to improve the impact of allied and joint partnerships?

What other topic areas should we consider in this cohort or future cohorts?


(Please include skills, motivation, role in the unit, or uniqueness of thought, etc.)

Thank you for your support of Project Mercury!

James D. Dryjanski, DAF
Assistant Professor, Air University
Project Mercury Director