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Project Mercury Coaching Supervisor Questions (March 2023 / Cohort 10)

Personal Information

Project Mercury

Why do you want to be a Project Mercury Coach?

What skill(s) would you like to learn during this experience?

Our theme for this cohort is Resiliency: Integrated by Design

For Cohort 10 we will lean into the Agile Combat Employment operational maneuver concept, looking at ways we can survive and fight in a dynamic environment in partnership with regional and joint partners. In a future near-peer conflict where air superiority cannot be assumed and we must have the ability to regroup and reattack after a multi-domain attack, how can the innovators of Cohort 10 make a difference?

How might we increase survivability in a mass casualty scenario (war/natural disaster/biowarfare)?

How might we reimagine a blending of disposable, reusable, and manned systems to evacuate a location?

How might we modernize our approach to working in contaminated environments in order to save lives and continue effective mission support operations?

How might we accelerate restoration of essential services after an attack (water/power/sanitation/food)?

How might we weaken and disrupt malign activities of competitors in vital domains?

Wildcard: How might we use low-tech solutions to get around high tech obstacles?

During Cohort 10, teams will be required to consider the strengths and interests of our allied partners. Which of the following regions would you be interested in researching as part of your solution?

Do you have relevant connections or skills in our topic areas that would help one or more of the teams?


Thank you for your support of Project Mercury!

James D. Dryjanski, DAF
Assistant Professor, Air University
Project Mercury Director