Superpower: Work/Life Integration

Day job: Director of Operations for the DODs only MASINT Squadron

Project Mercury Project: COIN with Industry

Best personal “aha” moment in Project Mercury?

After pitching that Airmen needed time away from their everyday work environment to “do” innovation, I realized I WAS the project.

Best team “aha” moment in Project Mercury?

When we realized that Team 2 and Team 6 had a lot more in common than we thought, so we combined teams and made our groups even stronger and more diverse.

What tool do you use the most from Project Mercury?

I am constantly on the Miro Board, referencing previous work, as well as on Basecamp. They are both such great virtual collaboration tools.

What other innovation books or programs would you recommend?

I am NOT a red at all and I highly recommend “The Other Side if Innovation” for how to make a process in your organization for your innovation, as well as “Standup Community Way” about what type of culture spurs innovation.

Dream job:

Full time coach or a Running Tour Guide

Advice to the next cohort:

Use the strengths of your group to create collaborative conflict; don’t be afraid to disagree with one another. It’s important to have dissent, no matter how uncomfortable it is.